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Intelligent Asset Management & Dynamic Procurement for Healthcare

CapExpert helps facilities work smarter and faster with end-to-end outpatient equipment management, maintenance, and procurement, driven by industry leading intelligence and expertise.

Our Software

What We Do

CapExpert is a team of healthcare and supply chain experts, acting as an extension of your business, powered by technology, with the first all-in-one capital asset management platform to manage, maintain, and procure equipment at scale. 

Our Results

Smarter, faster, more cost efficient, and contract compliant purchasing procurement and planning decisions. Too busy to set up new software? We've got you covered with our dedicated team of experts.

Save Time & Money

Finding equipment within your budget and timing needs


Leveraging CapExpert expertise and network to negotiate the best possible terms and pricing


For your assets and manage them through a simple, digitized experience


Manual processes and spend more time with your patients

Consulting Services

  • Due Diligence: Acquire existing facilities with confidence.

  • Equipment Planning: equipped a new facility with essential equipment, contracts, and protection in place. 

From Our Clients

"CapExperts due-diligence removed any surprises and reaffirmed our acquisition positioning."

- Private Equity Owner

Ask us about our ROI Guarantee Offer!

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